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Experts in Technical Molding

ARMOULDING has a long track record of  succeeding where other companies said it couldn’t be done.

Not just another Rotomoulding company

ARM Advanced Rotational Moulding is not just another rotomoulding company. 
As our name suggests we take pride in advancing the art of rotomoulding. Many rotomoulding companies start out making simple products such as tanks, chilly bins etc for themselves and then expand by taking on external jobs. This is where ARM differ significantly

AR Moulding

Company Background

ARM started as an engineering company making a rotomoulded version of one of the most technically difficult, accreditation heavy and specification strict products you can imagine: road safety barriers. To the untrained eye they might look like any other temporary barrier used for crowd control. When the risk of a car running into them and their job is to protect road workers, pedestrians or other vehicles’ passengers, it is easy to understand that they must meet much higher standards.
ARM designed a solution to meet this need known as ArmorZone. Using a unique HDPE formula ArmorZone® meets the stringent technical criteria for temporary longitudinal barriers. Designed with ease of deployment and removal in mind the ArmorZone® high performance rotomoulded temporary barrier is in a league of its own as the ideal temporary barrier for the roadway safety hire market. The Armorzone® barrier excels in durability and performance and as such is in active use in the strict road safety markets in New Zealand, Australia, and United States replacing difficult to install metal and concrete options in many cases.

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Advanced Capabilities

ARMOULDING are industrial designers who happen to work almost exclusively with roto moulded plastic and as a consequence, understand the process and materials at a level that no one else does. This combination of skills makes us uniquely placed to assist companies make the switch from their existing manufacturing method to rotomoulding

AR Moulding

Single Source Service

ARMOULDING offers a full Single Source service providing everything inhouse to take your idea from concept through to manufacturing. Guaranteed to save you time and money.

AR Moulding

Our Team

The perfect mix of skills and experience, to take your idea from concept to completion, all under one roof.

GENERal Manager

Jason Walker

Jason manages the sales and growth of ARMOULDING and is driven to advance and grow the company’s lines through continued investment in technology, innovation, and service excellence. Jason has a background in engineering, IT, sales, and marketing


Maria Conelius

Maria manages all aspects of production in order to ensure that ARMOULDING meets its customers requirements both in terms of time and quality. Maria also manages our engineering workshop services and is our ISO9001 Quality Manager.

Business development Manager

David Engleback

David is an ideas man, has the ability to spot and sort out issues you didn’t know you had. Being relatively new to the rotational moulding industry he’s great in questioning how to change and improve process and find a winning solution for all.


Dallas James

Dallas is an innovator in the rotational moulding industry, drawing on his experience of more than 18 years of engineering and industrial knowledge.


Greg Riddle

Greg has responsibility for all areas related to finance and accounting, human resources, strategic and commercial development, legal and administration, information technology infrastructure, and real estate.


Paul Jones

With more than 20 years of rotational moulding experience, his focus is on developing products to grow the company’s portfolio and to ensure all products are made to the highest standards

Our Capabilities

We operate a mixture of rotomoulding ovens ranging from multi arm computer programmed carousel and large bi-axial machine to our tried and trusted rock and roll machine – product complexity normally dictates which type of machine we use.

We also offer other additional services including the foam filling of products – particularly important for products requiring built in buoyancy, insulation, or to add rigidity to a product.

We can create a number of different product finishes and offer a mould-in graphic application for customers who wish to have their own branding prominently displayed on their products. If graphics are not required an alternative is to emboss logos and/or wording to the products instead.

Our Guarantee

Over the years we have built up an excellent reputation for service and quality; we don’t make false promises on delivery and we do offer outstanding customer service backed up by products of the highest quality. We work closely with our customers and encourage them to view our production facility and meet with our staff whenever they want.

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