ARMOULDING has a strong track record in manufacturing high-quality, cost-effective rotomoulded products. We have developed internal systems and a process of quality control that give assurances that the level of service and quality of plastic products supplied will meet customer specifications and requirements. These systems ensure that product and customer service expectations are met from the design phase through to the manufacture and supply of each product.

Trained operators and quality control staff ensure that the company’s high-quality standards are maintained by closely monitoring all stages of product development, material sourcing and manufacture.

When required by the client, the product is subject to testing such as pressure or leak testing as part of the Quality Control procedure.

Depending on client requirements products are given a batch number or unique serial number during manufacture, against which data is recorded: date and time, batch number of raw material used, staff working on product, plant used, test results, QC Sign off.

Production of the products will not commence until samples submitted have received formal approval by the customer. Any quality issues are dealt with promptly and professionally.

Our quality and production teams keep up-to-date with the latest information on materials and processes to make sure that we comply with new industry regulations and standards that are introduced from time to time.ARMOULDING is committed to providing our customers with a high standard of service and product through continuous improvements in our manufacturing processes, quality control and level of service.