ARMOULDING is one of the NZ’s leading rotational moulders with years of experience in the field.

Over the years we’ve manufactured a huge spectrum of products ranging from simple water tanks through to highly complex products requiring significant levels of expertise, such as certified roading barriers.

Why choose ARMOULDING?
We offer something a little more than other moulders. Not only do we have our own in-house engineering workshop for mould commissioning, modification, maintenance, but we also offer a full design, tooling and production package and can project manage everything for you. From initial design concepts through to product sample approval, leave the hard work to us! Unlike some moulders, we also offer in-house CAD design using the latest Solidworks software to create products that our customers are completely satisfied with, regardless of the number of tweaks required.

We are also one of very few rotational moulders in New Zealand to own a polyurethane foam injection machine, enabling us to offer foam filled product solutions all within our factory.

We are also New Zealand owned and run. We’re not flashy and we don’t make promises that we can’t keep. Our sole aim is to produce mouldings that meet design criteria and stand the test of time.

ARMOULDING has ISO 9001:2015 Certification
We have had all of our management processes and methodologies audited and have received formal ISO 9001 certification of our system which demonstrates our commitment to quality, productivity and customer satisfaction. As a customer of ARMOULDING you can be confident in our ability to deliver your products to consistently meet your requirements.

Why Rotomoulding?
Rotational moulding is an extremely versatile process for the manufacture of a vast range of plastic products and components. We use it to create our own products and we also use it to bring our customers’ plastic products to life.

More and more businesses choose rotational moulding to produce their moulded plastic parts because it’s often the most cost-effective, consistent and flexible process for small to medium sized batch runs.