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Temporary Road Safety Barrier

The ultimate temporary safety barrier.
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Road safety barriers are designed to provide a high level of road safety for road users, pedestrians and roadside workers by containing and redirecting errant vehicles and thereby preventing them from leaving the road. All road safety barrier products must meet stringent criteria for use on roads and highways.

Valmont Highway’s ArmorZone temporary barrier meets N1-EN1317 and MASH TL-2 criteria for temporary longitudinal barriers. The Armorzone product has been designed with ease of deployment and removal in mind.

ArmorZone excels in durability while performing with a very competitive deflection in its market category for road safety products. All this being possible due to its unique HDPE formula which places ArmorZone in a league of its own as the ideal temporary barrier for the roadway safety hire market.

The Challange

Armorflex set out to make a rotomoulded version of existing metal and concrete options bringing the benefits of new advances in Polyethylene materials and manufacturing techniques.
To the untrained eye, they might look like any other temporary barrier used for crowd control. When the risk of a car running into them and their job is to protect road workers, pedestrians, or other vehicle passengers it is easy to understand they must meet much higher standards. 
As a team of engineers first, Armorflex was perfectly placed to take on this challenge and achieve the technically difficult task of getting a plastic road barrier fully accredited

Armorflex designed a solution to this need known as ArmorZone. Using a unique HDPE formula ArmorZone meets the stringent technical criteria for temporary longitudinal barriers. Designed with ease of deployment and removal in mind the ArmorZone high performance rotomoulded temporary barrier  is in a league of its own as the ideal temporary barrier for the roadway safety hire market. The Armorzone barrier excels in durability and performance and as such is in active use in the strict road safety markets in new Zealand, Australia, and United States replacing difficult to install metal and concrete options in many cases

Key Features & Benefits Achieved:
  • Tested, approved and certified to NCHRP 350 TL2 containment level standards
  • Exceptionally good vehicle control and low deflection
  • Available NCHRP 350 TL-2 end treatment
  • Easy install and transportation
  • Water level indicator available (accessory)
  • Smooth surfaces and geometry, more forgiving on vulnerable road users
  • No external steel structure
  • Container “friendly” dimensions allow for effective shipping (83 units fit in a 40’ container)
  • Water-Opening-Screen (accessory to prevent rubbish disposal in barriers)
  • Stabilised HDPE modules strong enough to absorb nuisance impact without repair
  • Environmentally friendly – 100% recyclable
  • Deployment rate of 120m of barrier per hour

ArmorZone®, Armorflex® and Valmont Highway™ are trademarks of Valmont Industries.

Our Solution

Services Provided

  • Manufacture
  • Assembly
  • Warehousing


The Result

The ArmorZone® safety barrier has been in use in New Zealand and Australia, and around the world since 2013 

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