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Noise Wall

Rotomoulded Acoustic Screen

High performance, acoustic protection, modular wall system


The Genus Noisewall™ is a patented, high performance, acoustic protection, modular wall system, designed for use in a wide range of locations such as road, rail, urban, manufacturing and warehouse environments.
Acoustic protection is employed not only for physical health, and psychological wellbeing of people and wildlife but may also be required to protect structures against vibrations generated by large machinery and other objects, such as trucks, trains and even earthquakes. 

The Challange

The challenge was to design a system that satisfies the key factors required of an effective noise barrier along with added benefits of installation functionality of easy aftermarket installation in difficult areas.
There are four key factors that determine the success of any barrier when it comes to noise attenuation performance. These factors are; the ability to install in close relation to the noise source, the sound absorption rather than just reflection, it’s portability and manageability in terms of its size and weight, and its impact on the surrounding environment from an aesthetic point of view.

Our Solution

Using the latest in advanced polymers we were able to design a rotomoulded solution engineered to act as a reflective barrier and to maximise resonant absorption of both sound and vibration waves.
Noisewall™ is constructed using the intelligent one-piece moulding panel system meaning no assembly is required and can be rapidly installed in a wide range of situations.
The rotomoulded system has distinct advantages over other materials such as glass and concrete. It is light and easy to install as an aftermarket product with minimum disruption.
Noisewall™ also features high impact resistance. The Genus Noisewall™ is also resistant to growing lichen or moss, and combined with an easy to clean and graffiti resistant surface makes it ideal for maintaining its appearance over time.
The Genus Noisewall™ is not only functional and highly durable, utilising highly UV stable polymer but can also be architecturally and aesthetically designed in a range of  colours to match the situation, or is adaptable enough to allow custom panel face designs to suit more architectural aesthetic environments
Key Benefits Achieved:
  • Product Longevity Improvement
  • Production Speed Increase
  • Production Cost Reduction
  • Single Panel System STC 36
  • Ease and speed of installation
  • No fixings required to attach to columns
  • Double tongue and groove to minimise noise transmission through horizontal joints
  • Built-in acoustic seal around posts
  • Lightweight – only 50kg per 4m panel
  • Optional stiffening steel bar simply dropped between panels to increase wind load rating
  • Architecturally and aesthetically adaptable
  • Service life 50+ years

Services Provided

  • Concept Evaluation
  • Product Design
  • Mould Engineering
  • Manufacture
  • Product Testing
  • Accreditation
  • Assembly
  • Warehousing


The Result

The Noisewall has been successful in a variety of locations especially where incumbent technologies have not been possible to install.

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