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Pile Ring

Innovative Floatation Mooring Device

Pile Ring an innovative automatic line adjustment mooring device.


Pile Ring is an innovative mooring device that provides constant and automatic line adjustment. The Pile Ring is designed specifically to overcome weather and tidal mooring problems experienced by marina operators and boat owners.

Pile Ring sits on the surface of the water around a mooring pile. Mooring ropes from the boat or craft are tied to the Pile Ring instead of the pile. The Pile Ring floats up and down the mooring pile at the same rate as the boat or craft and as such never needs adjusting. The boat will always have tight and/or perfectly adjusted lines.

They not only take care of the hour by hour and day by day adjustments required for changes in tide and water levels but are also on hand in the event of unpredictable and potentially disastrous weather bombs, tidal surges and flash floods which affect coastal and inland waterways and lakes from time to time.

The Challange

ARM was approached by Marinaquip to solve the problem that existed with existing floating mooring systems that were a mix of a rotomoulded floating device and a separate stainless steel mooring lugs. The existing design had the problem that the stainless steel work was an external configuration that touched the wooden mooring pile and rubbed up and down with the changing tide and caused wear and tear of the timber. In addition, if a boat hit the device, at a reasonable speed, the welded lugs would potentially break and causing the need for removal and repair. 

Our Solution

Our solution was to design a moulding technique that enabled the integration of a solid and continuous 19mm solid stainless steel rod into the rotational-molded, and UV stable polyethylene floating device. This increased the strength and durability of the mooring device by reducing welding points and both increased speed of production and reduced overall price by making it a one-time manufacturing process

Key Benefits Achieved:

  • Longevity Improvement
  • Production Speed
  • Cost Reduction

Services Provided

  • Concept Evaluation
  • Product Design
  • Mould Engineering
  • Manufacture
  • Product Testing
  • Accreditation
  • Assembly
  • Warehousing


The Result

The Pile Ring has been very successful in New Zealand and Australia and now has a growing market in the United States especially in the areas that suffer from Hurricanes. The range has been extended from the initial one-piece unit that came in two sides to two additional designs, a two-piece, and a four-piece coming in two sizes and one size respectively.   Pile ring has also seen new customers take interest in emerging industries especially renewable energy such as Floating Solar Arrays.

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