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Wyvern IV

Rotomoulded Replica Cannon Barrel

The Wyvern IV is a 4ft long replica of a traditional Cannon Barrel and looks just like the real thing. 


Cannons of all shapes and sizes have always been popular and highly sought after items for an incredible diverse range of situations. Think Ships Cannons, Pirate Cannons, Field Guns, Castle Battlements, Gun Turrets for homeowners, collectors, kids, enthusiasts, museums, stately homes, military establishments, stage props, shop merchandising, themes bars, themes amusement parks, grazy colf courses….the list goes on.

The Challange

Enthusiasts already recreate their own barrels in a variety of materials including fiberglass, wood, and even cast metal.  These methods are obviously very time consuming and expensive and take a great deal of skill.
Authenticity is the name of the game when you are creating a replica cannon barrel. So the challenge was to make a cost-effective rotomoulded alternative that couldn’t be distinguished from the real thing except for the weight.

Our Solution

A highly detailed mould was the first thing. Recreating all the reinforcing banding details and carefully sandblasted surfaces to emulate the cast iron finish of a genuine article. Cooling is also an important part of the process to ensure the barrel remails straight and true. A short bore was integrated to allow for the addition of aftermarket water jets for the more fun uses.
Key Benefits Achieved:
  • Product Longevity Improvement
  • Production Speed Increase
  • Production Cost Reduction

Services Provided

  • Concept Evaluation
  • Product Design
  • Mould Engineering
  • Manufacture
  • Product Testing
  • Accreditation
  • Assembly
  • Warehousing


The Result

The Wyvern IV has been hugely successful, especially in America. Finished in matt black, and weighing only 4kg (or8.8lb) the barrels are being used for cannons in just about every situation you can imagine. We’ve even seen them used as fun kids “water cannons” right through to museum displays which surely indicates the rotomoulded cannon barrels ability pass for the real thing.

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