Pile Ring – A Better, Safer Way to Dock

Ever had to lasso a piling with a dock line while backing into a slip? Ever show up to the marina to find your boat suspended above the water because you didn’t leave enough slack in the lines for the tide? Ever chafed through a dock line on a piling full of splinters or oysters? No more! Pile Ring is a simple, industrial grade, cost-effective solution to all of these problems for docks with pilings, especially those in tidal regions.

For years, others have tried to solve this problem with a varied array of accessories; from old car tires, to labor intensive & installation heavy track & slide systems. Pile Ring aims to combine the industrial strength and reliability of the expensive track systems with the low cost, low maintenance, and minimal installation requirements of the simpler accessories. Pile Ring was designed to ISO 9001+ standards using the latest C-CAD computer modeling technology. The one-piece, seamless, rotational-molded, and UV stable polyethylene seamlessly incorporates a solid and continuous 19mm solid stainless steel rod. Aside from offering clean mooring tie-off points, this rod immensely boosts the overall strength of the product for applications including large superyachts, or heavy commercial work boats. The roto-molding keeps costs down without compromising quality or lifespan—we are now able to offer Pile Ring at a competitive price point while still guaranteeing a nearly indestructible product with a 10+ year lifespan (every Pile Ring comes with an unconditional 5 year warranty). In addition to the ease-of-use, improved safety, and convenience offered to the boater, the Pile Ring also offers significant cost savings benefits to the marina management, or private slip holder by extending the life of pilings and dock lines, as well as eliminating the cost of piling cleaning/scraping/maintenance.

The concept for Pile Ring has been around for nearly 30 years now, with many marinas in its native New Zealand utilizing thousands of units of various generations. This latest edition is by far the most advanced and effective yet, and it landed on the shores of the USA for the first time this year. After making our debut at the Miami International Boat Show in February, and receiving an overwhelming response from media, vendors, commercial clients, and consumers, we sent our entire first container to the US Navy for use in their MWR Sail Center at the Norfolk base.

We have now restocked our warehouse in Charleston, and have been selling direct to marinas, yacht clubs, municipal governments, marine construction agencies, and the general public. Please visit our website below for more information and photos, as well as a link to the web-store for retail orders.

For further questions, or custom quotes & inquiries on commercial, bulk, or wholesale orders, please contact Capt. Bill Haynie of Sail La Vie, LLC with the information provided.

Original Article: Great Lakes Scuttlebutt Magazine

Published: Friday, June 17, 2016

Product Website: www.marinaquip.com

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