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2000L Rainwater Tank

Water Storage Solution

Aucklands water storage issue is serious and will be ongoing.
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Aucklands water storage issue is serious and will be ongoing. We saw a gap in the market for a competitively priced tank that can easily be added to a household water supply system.

The Challange

Market research was carried out to find the sweet spot, a tank that was versatile, easy to transport and install.

Our Solution

A driving factor for this project was Aucklands water shortage and the lack of stock of other tanks in the market at the time.  The desired result was to produce a tank that was aesthetically pleasing within a very short timeframe to capitalise on the current shortage.  The finial outcome was a tank that has:
  • 2000 Litre capacity
  • With a footprint diameter of 1175mm
  • Height of 2150mm
  • A screw on removeable top hatch
  • Colours  – Mist Green, Beige, Light Grey
  • For Sale Now – Check out our Trademe store
  • Outlet is a standard 40mm threaded female

Services Provided

  • Market research
  • Product Design
  • Mould Engineering
  • Manufacture 
    • Rotational Moulding
  • Accreditation
  • Warehousing


The Result

The 2000 litre tank is selling well due to it  shape, size, colour range and completive pricing. Please refer to the trademe store to purchase

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