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Lifestyle Spa Pool Cover

Rotomoulded Spa Cover

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There’s nothing like a nice hot spa for soaking away the pains and stresses after a hard day’s work or just to pamper oneself. Not surprising then that spas have become one of the most sought after luxury additions to homes and desired items when visiting holiday accommodation and business hotels.
Keeping the water hot in the tub all the time is a major expense so a spa cover is a must. The problem however is that tradition offerings are made from blocks of polystyrene covered in a colour matched vinyl. It doesn’t take that long for the chemicals and sunlight to take its toll and they tend to fall to pieces after a few short years leading to the need for expensive replacement.
This cost is even more impactful in situations where high use is experienced such as hotels and other accommodation providers. Plus as the cover gets older and starts to break down there is a risk of children falling through a cover if they manage to crawl on it unaccompanied.

The Challange

The challenge was to create a better performing more efficient option in rotomoulded polyethylene that would still match the designer style of the spa, but have built-in longevity, be durable and non-corrosive and it has to withstand harsh elements and chemicals. and to provide long term superior safety. This product also has to be able to fit the most popular spa brands and sizes.

Our Solution

By introducing a unique modular mould system we were able to design a spa lid that could be tailor made to fit the most popular spa brands and sizes without the need for a different mold for every spa. This vastly reduces the end price of the end product, combined with the cost benefit of the 20 year expected lifespan four times the average life of spa covers.
The Rotational Moulded and foam filled Polyethylene lid is also designed to be a bit more substantial than tradition covers to ensure its safety but still allows one person to remove and carry the cover. It has an integrated moulded handle and the detachable hinge so two halves can be easily separated. The built-in UV and chemical resistance also add to its attractiveness over time. 
Key Benefits Achieved:
  • Product Longevity Improvement
  • Production Speed Increase
  • Production cost reduction
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Improved safety
  • Higher efficiency
  • User friendly

Services Provided

  • Concept Evaluation
  • Product Design
  • Mould Engineering
  • Manufacture
  • Product Testing
  • Accreditation
  • Assembly
  • Warehousing


The Result

This end result is an award winning Rotational Moulded spa lid. The Genus LifeStyle Spa Pool Cover was recognised for its excellence in The Plastics Industry Design Awards. It won two awards; Silver in the Process Award for Rotational Molding and Bronze for the Product Design Award in Consumer Products.

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